Cruising Through the Magical Milford Sound

The Magical Milford Sound Cruising through Fiordlands Jewel

Milford Sound offers one of the greatest experiences available in New Zealand, captivating all who witness it from water’s edge to mountaintop.

Experience true luxury on board the boutique Fiordland Jewel with an overnight cruise! Relax in your climate-controlled cabin while taking advantage of kayaking and tender boat excursions, then wake up to a continental breakfast and stunning views of Milford Sound!


Milford Sound is home to stunning waterfalls tumbling off steep rocky cliffs high above the water or trickling into fiords below, and their beauty becomes even more captivating when covered by rainfall.

Sutherland Falls is one of New Zealand’s most iconic waterfalls and three times higher than Niagra Falls for an incredible sight, like something straight out of Lord of the Rings. At 151 metres high and three times as wide, Sutherland Falls makes for a dreamlike scene reminiscent of Lord of the Rings.

The Routeburn Track is one of the nation’s Great Walks, winding alongside the edge of a fiord. Every year, thousands of hikers tackle this epic trek which covers 2,625 feet (800 meters). Be warned though – this trek may not be suitable for everyone!

Waterfalls can also be seen below the surface in this fiord, the result of its combination of rainforest, high rainfall, and steep mountains that has created an exceptional aquatic environment. There are underwater viewing platforms as well as potential sightings of birdlife!

On this overnight cruise of Milford Sound, you’ll experience its full splendor once all day-trippers have left for their respective activities. Enjoy a delectable three-course dinner while basking in its stunning landscape before relaxing in a rooftop hot tub as the last hues of sunset dance around mountain peaks.


Fiordland’s breathtaking glaciers are truly magnificent. An enjoyable way to observe them is on a cruise; not only can you get close-up views without hiking, but you can hear their crackling and creaking as they move beneath you and even have the chance of travelling beneath a waterfall!

Glaciers are what truly distinguish Milford Sound; they act as a living, breathing ecosystem that shapes its landscape. Glaciers form over long periods when sediment and remains from tiny plants and animals are compressed over time, and as more sediment piles up lower layers are pushed forward as well as eventually forcing compression of rock layers higher up in their chains.

By embarking on an overnight cruise, it can provide the ideal chance to truly immerse yourself in nature’s splendor. Wake up early for sunrise views and spot wildlife before spending the night listening to waterfalls cascade and birdsong! Additionally, enjoy additional activities such as kayaking or visiting glowworm caves (rare bioluminescent insects that only exist in New Zealand and certain parts of Australia), which glow vibrant green when lit by bioluminescence – lighting up forests in an amazing blue-green hue!


Milford Sound cruises offer one of the world’s best opportunities to witness seals, with up to 12 typically being seen frolicking around in the waters and lounging along its shorelines as you pass by. Their presence stands as testament to Mother Nature and her powerful force at work here.

Explore an epic landscape surrounded by cascading waterfalls, lush forests and glacial ice fields on an expedition cruise through this remarkable natural phenomenon. Fjords often appear misted with mist or spray from glaciers which adds another element to its charm and atmosphere. Cruise ships offer great vantage points of this incredible natural marvel to fully take in its magnificence and appreciate its enormity.

New Zealand is home to approximately 85% endemic flowering plants and trees that can be found within its borders, many being direct descendants from Gondwana’s ancient landmass. Milford Sound forests boast an astounding mix of native and exotic species.

Weather permitting, Milford Cruise offers stunning scenery and is a truly memorable experience. To avoid crowds, spring or autumn are usually best, though Milford remains open all year round. When snow covers its mountains and fiord in wintertime it offers a completely different view than in summer when mountains bloom with vibrant greenery.


Milford Sound, an amazing landscape carved by glaciers, boasts abundant wildlife. From tiny insects and birds in lush rain forests to show-stopping fur seals and dolphins, cruise through Milford Sound is sure to satisfy even the most avid nature enthusiast. Explore on foot along one of its many walking trails or enjoy scenic flights before finally discovering this breathtaking area with RealNZ Milford Sound Select tours for an immersive experience!

Your captain will point out hanging forests, permanent waterfalls and some of the highest peaks as you gently sail around the fiord admiring their stunning beauty. On board are experienced nature guides who can answer all of your queries regarding local geology and wildlife.

As the sun sets and stars come out, relax under a blanket to witness an incredible stargazing experience! Milford Sound boasts minimal light pollution so its night sky remains crystal clear and breathtakingly brilliant; an unforgettable highlight of any trip. To make the most of this journey we recommend bringing binoculars and an impressive zoom lens so that postcard-worthy photographs may be captured during this breathtaking voyage.